• “DEVOLUTION” was founded in 2016. It is a "3A company “ dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions of ARCHITECTURE, ART and ADVERTISEMENT. Meanwhile, “DEVOLUTION” always separates itself from "architecture" or "design" in the technical and aesthetic sense by creating temporary, conflicting and unsolved multi-media “architecture", and deeply participates in the observation and feedback of urban life. Besides commercial services, “DEVOLUTION” is also an open institution that outputs ideas.
    “DEVOLUTION退化建筑”成立于2016年。是一家致力于提供“ARCHITECTURE, ART, ADVERTISEMENT”综合方案的”3A公司”。同时,“DEVOLUTION 退化建筑”也一直通过制造临时的、冲突性的、不解决问题的多媒介化“建筑”,使自身从技术和审美意义上的“建筑”或“设计”中脱离,更深入参与城市生活现状的观察和反馈。在商业服务之外,“DEVOLUTION 退化建筑”同时也是一个输出观点的开放机构。
  • (Address) 3F ZHONGJUN BUILDING NO.2 210 GAOQI NANWU ROAD HULI DISTRICT XIAMEN (Cooperation and Contact us) +86 137 7993 2693 "KAKI"
    (公司地址) 厦门市湖里区高崎南五路210号中骏大厦2座3楼 (合作联系) +86 137 7993 2693 "KAKI"