• As a person born in the 1980s, my first impression of Shanghai came from two words. One of them is “the Bund”. In the TV dramas and news at that time, the Bund was the metropolis of Green Gang warlords, spies, revolutionists, and magnates, as well as an experimental field for innovation, reformation, and capitalism. It seems to be the birthplace of trends and new vocabulary as if the world always enters China at this end of the Yangtze River. The other word was “Shanghai Knitting Factory”. The circulation of goods was not as developed as it is today in the time of the 90s when online shopping was not yet available. Trade fairs of various scales selling all sorts of products were still very popular in second and third-tier cities. “Shanghai Knitting Factory” was one of the most glorious titles. For a very long time, this title was a guarantee of style and quality. These two words together carved my perception of Shanghai – Shanghai is the Bund filled with people wearing chic knitwear by Shanghai Knitting Factory.
  • The heights of the buildings in the Bund


  • In a blink of an eye, commodity markets from all over the world entered, and the phrase “hotel trade fair” withered gradually. The first thing that comes to mind when bringing up the Bund is no longer the sweaters of the "Shanghai Knitting Factory" and their facades, but the skyscrapers on the other side - the Oriental Pearl Tower in 1994, the Jin Mao Tower in 1999, the World Financial Center in 2008, and the Shanghai Tower in 2016. In the past two decades, people have been unceasingly discussing how the new skyscrapers broke records, and all of these changes happened unceasingly at a place that was called “sludge road” just a while ago, Lujiazui. People from all over the world come to the Bund and gaze upon the sky to see the future of this city.
  • This knitwear series named “The Bund” was created in this hazy imagination of Shanghai. These 8 sweaters were hand-woven with wool of the same length of the 8 skyscrapers in Pudong. I wanted to measure the height that we couldn’t even see when looking up, but when the wools of such lengths can barely be woven into a complete sweater, we were caught off guard.
  • The package of the sweater


  • (Author) Wang Qi
    (Translator) Nora Wang

    (Art Director) Yang Lutong
    (Editor) Kaki Cai
    (Film Editor) Chenyang Wang
    (Photographer) Xu Xiaodong / Liang Biaoyu
    (Knitwear Maker) Xueshuang
    (撰文) 王琦
    (翻译) 王诺舟

    (美术指导) 杨鹿童
    (编辑) 蔡佳琦
    (视频剪辑) Chenyang Wang
    (摄影) 许晓东 / 梁杓域
    (毛衣编织) 雪霜