“DevolutioN 退化建筑” 合伙人,左起:王琦、汤建松、杨鹿童。
“DevolutioN 退化建筑” Partners, from left to right: Wang Qi, Tang Jiansong, Yang Lutong.

“Devolution 退化建筑” 成立于2016年,由汤建松、王琦、杨鹿童三名成员组成。是一家致力于提供 “建筑 Architecture、艺术 Art、广告创意 Advertisement” 综合方案的 “3A公司”。同时,”Devolution 退化建筑” 也尝试将建筑与不同媒介对接,输出城市和建筑观点的开放创作机构,希望用建筑思维和艺术生产的方式,在不同环境中肇事。

Established by Tang Jian-Song, Wang Qi and Yang Lu-Tong in 2016, is an open and creative studio which tries to connect architecture and different medias, outputs opinions about urban and architecture, wishes to create anything in the thinking way of art producing and architecture under different circumstances.

鹿野苑 The Deer Park

退化公园 DevolutioN PARK

退化城市 上海站 DevolutioN CITY “Sound x Architecture” SHANGHAI


退化论 The Theory of DevolutioN

建一座倒塌的碑 Built a Collapsed Obelisk – Centre SANKUANZ

梵几 – 管中窥豹 FNJI – Seeing through the Hole

两室一厅? 核心筒与分时空间 Two-bedroom Apartment? Core and Chronological Space

金年快乐 Goldbrick HITS 2017!


城市测量 City Size “城中村负模 Sculpture from Urban Village Mould”

“欢迎光临 WELCOME” T恤


城市测量 City Size “1”